Cherry Eye - Prolapsed Gland of the Third Eyelid in Dogs

Prolapsed gland of the eyelid - also known as Cherry Eye - is a pink mass that protrudes from the dog’s eyelid.

Cherry Eye occurs in both dogs and cats, although it typically affects younger animals.

The condition i...

My dogs LOVE this product! Absolutely LOVE it! The kibble is soft to the touch and very palatable making mealtime enjoyable. Ivory Coat is available in more than 650 retail outlets, however you can purchase direct from here. Your dogs will love this product. Do your do...

When Founder and CEO of Ivory Coat Companion Goods Steven Deveraux-Stanford contacted TVN for a product review, I jumped at the chance! My felines are very fussy and I am always keen to try some new food. "This will work! I am running out of options!" I said as I opene...

Feline Acne

We all suffer from acne at some point in our lives and our furry friends are no different. Feline acne presents itself as blackheads that are mainly situated on the cats chin, eyelids and base of the tail.

Cats have sebaceous glands that secrete oils that lub...

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