Canine, Feline & Equine Workshop


Are you are Trainee Veterinary Nurse that requires further skills and training in Canine and Feline? Are you keen to learn about Equine?

Would you like to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge?

Do you want to stand out in interviews and apply for both large and small vet clinics? Do you want to be more versatile?

Then the Canine, Feline and Equine Workshop is for you!


The 'Ine' Practical Weekend Workshop will cover everything that you will need to get ahead from your peers. The 'Ine' workshop can be booked as a weekend OR as single workshops only. Students have the option of staying over the weekend in the house.

Maximum of 2 students permitted to stay over. There will be an extra cost involved for those that opt to sleep the weekend and food will be included. please see prices below.


Day 1: Canine and Feline

Flea, Worming and Tick Preventions

Vaccinations and Diseases

Triage and Emergencies

Catheter Placements

Drawing up Injections

Subcutaneous Injections

Intramuscular Injections



Dental Scoring

Pet Nutrition





Kit Wrapping

Blood Chart Readings

Pathology Results

Blood Glucose Readings





Blood Smearing



ET Tube Placement

Jugular Blood Retrieval


 Day 2: Equine

Horse psychology and handling

Breeds and temperament


The digestive system and principles of feeding and watering

The grass kept horse and pasture management


Influences and motivation

Perception and behaviour

Communication and social behaviour

 Sexual and reproductive behaviour

Learning and training

Behavioural Problems

Exercise and Conditioning

Tack and Tack Fitting

Worming, Vaccinations and Diseases

Maintaining The Health Of Horses

The sick and injured Horse

Muscular and skeletal system



Coming soon in 2018

WHERE: 558 Middle Pocket Road, Middle Pocket NSW

TIME: 8am - 5pm (both days)





$95 per night per student (2 night stay)

* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Supper included

in the accommodation price.

Please email your dietary requirements upon payment.

Only 2 students can sleep over the weekend.

Students that book for the weekend including the accommodation will pay in total $589 which includes, food, 2 nights accommodation and the workshops.

Students that are attending the weekend workshop will be required to arrive on the Friday night. Accommodation is for students that are attending both days only. Students that are travelling by plane will be collected at Coolangatta Airport at a designated time set by TVN. Students will also be returned to Coolangatta Airport on the Sunday at a designated time frame set by TVN. Please email TVN before you book flights to find the pick up/drop off times. Those that are travelling by car will need to make their own way to the farm. Day students must bring their own lunch. Students must bring closed in shoes and warm clothes. It gets cold!

This workshop involves live animals. For invasive procedures, students will be trained on simulators.

INCLUDED: Manuals, Certificates, Name Badge (weekend only), Folder, Take Home Pack 

Students are required to bring lunch, pen and paper. For those that are staying the nights, then food is supplied

No refunds.


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Please download payment plan form and include TOTAL cost of workshop, this includes accommodation. Payment Plan Form is located on the home page of the website.


The Trainer

I have ridden for over 14 years where I started out at Sea Horses Riding Centre in Byron Bay, then moving on to Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre. I spent 12 months training there until I bought my horse Flash at the end of 2007.

Flash and I joined Mullumbimby Pony Club in 2008, and I rode mostly for pleasure - trail riding, mounted games, sporting as well as dressage and show jumping. I then moved onto Brunswick Valley Pony Club, where I was fortunate enough to have had very serious and advance training with some of the best and skilled riders and trainers in the industry. We competed heavily and competitively at various types of competitions- gymkhanas, agricultural shows, interschools as well as hack and dressage competitions.

Flash is now almost 16 and although we've taken a slight step back from heavy competition, I still lightly compete and ride at home almost every day.

I also work at Byron Bay Mobile Equine Practice as an Equine Veterinary Nurse
I've always loved & obsessed over horses, and this passion shows in my training technique. I have trained those that are entering the industry and I can't wait to start training TVN Students.

The Hosts & Location

Lainie Towner lives in Byron Bay with her husband Matt and a menagerie of animals.

Lainie started her career in advertising media and publishing culminating in a number of industry leading roles on magazines ranging from Vogue Australia, InStyle and most recently Advertising Director of Marie Claire.

In 2012 Lainie launched a ground breaking not for profit campaign 'Meat Free Week' .The campaign encouraged people world wide to take a week off eating meat in order to raise awareness its over consumption has on animals, health and the environment. The campaign was a global success reaching an estimated 49 million people and engaged many of the worlds leading foodies (including Jamie Oliver as its Ambassador), actors, musicians and prominent experts within the fields of animal rights, human health and the environment. 

In 2014 Lainie made the move to Byron Bay, a place she always felt it would be home and it was here she met her now husband Matt. Matt shared Lainie's passion for the environment and animals and in 2016 they purchased The Secret Pocket, 115 acres in the pristine Byron Shire area known as Middle Pocket. 

Lainie and Matt lovingly renovated the originals settlers house which they now offer as holiday accommodation and forms part of the new TVN Program. They look forward to opening their property and home to friends, family, Trainee Vet Nurses and visitors. 

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