Payment Plans

Payment plans allow students to pay for their workshops in either weekly or fortnightly instalments. There is no set up fee involved or deposit required. Students are required to pay either $30 per week, or $30 per fortnight until the total amount is paid in full. The Payment Plan is set and forget, meaning that it will be deducted from your bank account automatically. Repayments will cease once the total has been reached. Students that opt for the payment plan can still attend any of the workshops that they have booked and have the added benefit of continually paying after the event.

Students that are on payment plans are eligible to enter any of the competitions that Trainee Veterinary Nurse Workshop advertise.

Those that are opting to use the payment plan system need to be aware that forms will be taken in the order that they are received. It is not guaranteed that you will secure placement as there are limited spots. 

All forms need to be written in pen. We cannot accept typed copies.


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