Jaime - Owner of SilentEarth -  vision is to live in a cruelty free world where animals are spared and can live in peace, that the habitat is left the way Mother Nature intended it and that people are to know that there must be a way to save this planet. 

And so the journey begins, with a step and if eveyone takes a step, regardless the size, it is still a step in the right direction.

Our vision is to have SilentEarth as a one stop shop for those interested in making a difference to this world, having many and varied options for consumers and having each and every one of them realising there is finally a way; the way to harmony.

Our mission is to spread SilentEarth as far and as wide as possible. To cover every aspect, to show consumers that they have options - options that were never offered before - until now.

SilentEarth will promote everything that is cruelty free from household cleaners right through to jewellery and everything else in between. SilentEarth is for everyone who wants to make an impact. SilentEarth is for the animals. SilentEarth is for our natural habitat.


SilentEarth is for you

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