The Benefits Of Attending A Workshop

September 27, 2016

We asked industry professionals their tips when it comes to training workshops.


Learn and Implement

As a professional trainer, facilitator and coach I've run and participated in more workshops than I care to remember.


Workshops are designed to lift your skill level, provide you with more tools to work or challenge you to think differently. Ultimately, the success of the workshop depends on whether you're being provided information that is immediately implementable for you in the situation you're in, right now!


Getting the most out of a workshop requires active participation in the content. You can't sit back expecting the magic to happen TO you. You have to take what you learn and implement. After all, only 10% of what we learn is learnt in the classroom, the rest is getting in and getting your hands dirty! (70/20/10 Learning principle).



- Don't be afraid to ask questions about the relevance of the content to your specific situation

- Understand that the learning doesn't st op when you walk out the door, you need to implement!

- Use the opportunity to connect with the facilitator so you can follow up on anything you might have missed or need more information on down the track

- Talk to the other workshop participants. They're all integrating the information differently and it might just give you ideas or hints for how YOU can make the most out of what you're learning

- Ask for a copy of the notes or the slides. There's nothing worse than trying to quickly write down the content and subsequently missing what the facilitator is saying!

- Alternatively, take a snap of the slides with your phone, but don't forget to ask permission first!


Kathleen Rolfe


Making Connections

As someone who both attends and delivers workshops often the interactions and connections you make on a workshop session can add hugely to both the expertise gained and form useful connections in areas that you may never have expected. It is always worth talking and listening to the others around you at a workshop with an open mind


Rachel Eden, Coordinating Director, Holy Brook Associates Ltd



Life Changing

1. Some experiences you won't find in a book

2. Meeting like minded people

3. Meeting life time friends

4. Some people you meet can show you how to accomplish things faster than reading a book on the subject.

5. It just may change your life.

6. Sometimes all you need is one idea to make life changes decisions.

& when your friends tell you it can't be done but here stands someone who actually has done it.


Leann Middleamass



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