You Look Familiar, Have We Met Before?

October 14, 2016

Animals. You see them on TV, working hard like a boss, so hard in fact that some even upstage the main star! These 4 legged stars have captured our hearts and our attention. We tracked some of them down and few have become more successful than us mere mortals! So next time you are clipping and trimming a pet that looks familiar be mindful that this pet you're performing your duties on, is one famous pet indeed! 




I started working on TV with Chloe when I received a call from an agent asking for a trained toy poodle. At the time Chloe was competing in Dances with Dogs, obedience and agility so it was easy for her to learn the part she needed to play in the Nissan car add where she worked with a large fake crocodile. After the first day on set we were taken with the excitement of the day. Being a dancing dog meant Chloe already had an amazing array of tricks so she soon found she was in demand as she was very reliable and never phased with whatever she had to do. Chloe appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012 and the work just increased. Danni Minogue was one of the judges on Australia’s Got Talent and asked Chloe to be in Dami Im’s  “Alive” music video  which was lots of fun.  

I think the job we had the most fun in was a short film for Tropfest where Chloe had the lead role. It had to be filmed in a day and being the true professional she worked all day flat out to meet the deadline.

Whilst Chloe was out performing Jackson was spending his time training hoping he could be as successful as Chloe. He certainly has become quite the star. He performed on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013 and managed to make it to one of the semi-finals. After appearing on Australia’s Got Talent he has become a bit of a celebrity and loves all the attention that goes with it.

If he went out for a walk people would stop him and talk to him and have their photos taken with him. Even now if he is out performing he has to make sure he has time for the photos at the end of the show. Jackson has also featured in many TV commercials but his favourite have been the Campbells Stock Adds with Manu Feildel. They were always a lot of fun especially when he had to ride in a motorbike side car with Manu.

Swayze is currently waiting in the background next to his very famous brother and sister just waiting on his big break. His training is right on track he thinks to knock them off their pedastools. The three of them train a little each day and absolutely love it . For them training is just a lot of fun and when you get to be on set they are treated like the most important pooches in the world. 


Introducing the Dogs


Chloe (aged 10)

Chloe is my oldest dog and has appeared on many TV shoes, add campaigns, music videos and acted in a lead role for a short film for Tropfest. This is some of the work she has acted in:

  • Trident add

  • Appears in Dami Im (winner X Factor ) music video “Alive”

  • Photo shoot for “Chasing Satin” calendar featuring the jockeys from Randwick. (Raising money for cancer research )

  • Appeared on “The Living Room” with Chris Brown in 2013

  • Appeared on the ABC  “The Checkout”

  • Stared in a short film for “Tropfest” in 2013 which was in the top 50 finalists

  • Performed at Woof Fest in 2014

  • Performed at Pet Expo 2014

  • Appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012

  • Appeared in “Forever New” Advertising Campaign

  • Appeared in Nissan X Trail TV add



Jackson (aged 7)

  • Progressed to the finals of Australias Got Talent in 2013

  • Here is one of Jacksons routines – Thriller

  • Jacksons mission impossible routine

  • Filmed  a segment for a TV show in Japan 

  • Performed on Channel nine’s Morning show (Saturday and Sunday) after his appearance on Australia’s Got Talent

  • Was Woof Fest’s celebrity dog for 2014

  • Is featured in the Campbell’s Stock TV advertisements with Manu (from My Kitchen Rules)

  •  Appeared on the ABC’s “The Checkout”

(look at clip marked “Gluten for Punishment” – is on at start and at end of clip

  • Jeep TV advertisement

  • Performed at Pet Expo 2014

  • Appeared in “Forever New” Advertising Campaign


Swayze (aged 2)

Swayze is the new kid on the block so has only been in a couple of photo shoots. Here is a recent performance of him at Poochs Affair in Canberra


With all their stardom they have their own agents as well as social media – Jackson has his own Facebook Page “Jackson the Dancing Poodle”

Loretta - Mumager to Chloe, Jackson and Swayze - courtesy of Always Joy Photography






Aussie will be celebrating his 11th birthday on 5th November and he has had one of the fullest lives I know of for a dog. I am a dog trainer, I also owned/managed Aussie Farm 4 Kids a mobile farm for 8 years. Over an 8 year period Aussie and his sidekick Matilda (Labrador) entertained people with their array of tricks at many different events, we found the most rewarding to be adults and children with disabilities, the elderly and mental health patients.


The mobile farm led me to develop and animal talent agency, Animal Talent Time Agency Sydney, Aussie has continued to use his skills and has appeared in TV commercials, web videos and film.


Aussie was also the star of a booked named Ann & Aussie which was partially told through his eyes and described the adventures he and the other animals shared as part of Aussie Farm 4 Kids. We were fortunate to have this book lead to my nomination for NSW Woman of the Year, but this nomination really should have gone to Aussie and Matilda for the difference they were able to make in the lives of people with disabilities, the elderly and mental health patients. I am quite passionate about how beneficial animals can be as a therapy for people.


Aussie continues to live with his best friend Matilda and other farm friends in Douglas Park (near Camden, NSW). Many of the other animals Aussie lives with have also become little stars including Coco (the Mini Pig) who has appeared on The Living Room, Australia's Got Talent, Better Homes & Gardens etc (more information can be found on her website

Ann - Mumager to Aussie and Matilda. Surrogate Mumager to pets at Animal Talent Time


If you think your cute pet should be up on the big screen, then contact an Animal Talent Agency because you just never know, the two of you could be jetting off to Hollywood in no time!


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