Rufus & Coco - Rocking Feathers ROCKS

October 30, 2016


Rufus & Coco sent me a one of their new products - a Rocking Feather Cat Toy. I was very excited about this toy because Sari - my youngest, loves feathers, so I was quietly confident that we hit jackpot with this one. The egg shape toy wobbles when you twist the base and rocks back and forth without the need of batteries. I thought it was a great idea. Sari wasn't so impressed. Granted, Sari loves things that move at the speed of light so that she can run like the wind, in hot pursuit. I was crestfallen. I thought I was on to a winner, I thought my cat would love me more and I will win the title of the greatest mother of the universe award.

Sari isn't the only cat in the world I muttered to myself - so I was on the hunt for another cat that would appreciate my gift more than my cat whose standards and expectations had reached a new level. I headed over to Vanessa's, a Kitty Carer Client who has a Siamese kitten called Leo.

Before I could say 'who is the best Kitty Carer in the world' Leo grabbed those feathers like his life depended on it and ran. He ran around the house with feathers in his mouth while fighting off the other cat who's curiosity was getting the better of her. Leo wasn't going to give this toy up without a fight. He played with it, jumped on it, ran around it and finally kicked it until it went into the abyss. i.e under the lounge.

At one point, he hid it from the other cat who was now desperate to play with it.

This toy is great if your cat loves feathers and would prefer the item to stay in one spot rather than to roll. So if you're cat thinks it's a lion and would rather hunt and chase, then this toy may not give you the points that you are desperate for from your cat. BUT, if your cat loves feathers and feels proud that it can dominate a somewhat stationary item, then this toy is great. What I loved most about this toy is that it doesn't require batteries, you just twist the base like an egg timer. This company got it right with this toy.

It's been 2 weeks now since Leo was given this toy and I don't see it returning to me anytime soon. He loves it. He doesn't want to share it and I know I have scored that point that cat owners so desperately want. Rufus & Coco, you have done it again!


Rufus & Coco Rocking Cat Toy $13.95

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