How To Stay Motivated When Studying


Chief Operating Officer Kevin Lynch shares his top four tips on how to stay motivated when studying.


1) Set realistic study sessions

Be honest with yourself in how long and how often you can study. Some people find that 30-minute sessions a few times a day work for them, whereas others benefit from a solid 2-3 hours of study. Note the gaps in your schedule and set aside time for when you can study.


2) Tick off your goals

Morale and mental state are so important when it comes to study, especially for our students who study online. Acknowledging your achievements keeps you motivated and seeing your progress is a great confidence booster!


3) Put it where you can see it

Putting your weekly study planner somewhere you see everyday makes a huge difference and keeps you accountable. Whether it's on the fridge, at your desk or in your car - put it somewhere you can't miss it.


4) Partner up

Sometimes, despite our efforts, we can all struggle to muster up the motivation to hit the books. Having a study buddy when you're not feeling the motivation to study can be really helpful. Try chatting to them for inspiration. Or, if they live close by, meet up for a 1-2 hour study session then treat yourself to a coffee or lunch afterwards.


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