Laura's Adventures Day 5

February 21, 2017

Today I did the same as normal, cleaning cages and feeding the monkeys. Had brekky, then we went and fed the bear his supplements, went and checked on the turtles and tortoises in their new home that we built for them and then we spent some time cleaning the clinic as a film crew were coming through.



Had some lunch then I got baby loris out again in the sun and on the branches.

Helped to make up supplements for the animals, then we started getting surgery ready as there was a monkey coming in for a c section, she had fallen out of a tree and her baby had died (X-rays and ultrasounds had already been done elsewhere) and mum wasn't doing too good. Very sad but a great learning experience, the baby's skull was fractured.





We also had another monkey come in who had been electrocuted and had bite marks on his head, we treated him and I administered his medications both sub cut and intra muscular. I also fed the baby civet again twice today.


I leave tomorrow afternoon (cannot believe a week is up already!!)

Just wanted to thank TVN again for this amazing opportunity. I had an amazing time its been so great! I've wanted to do since I was a kid and I'm so very grateful I was able to do this!!! 




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