A Tissue A Tissue We All Fall Down (thanks to the cat)

March 12, 2017


I can't have a cat! I'm allergic!! We hear this statement all the time which got me thinking...what is it about cats that people are allergic to? I put the question to Dr Eloise Bright from Love That Pet and even I'm surprised by her response!


Humans tend to be allergic to dander or saliva from our pets, whether that be dogs or cats. Sometimes people assume they have a cat allergy when in fact they are allergic to the pollens or allergens the pet is carrying on it's coat. 

Allergy testing can identify which allergen you are allergic to and can help with management.

Dander is essentially skin cells that are shed by all mammals. Older animals tend to shed more dander than younger ones.

Ensuring the cat is regularly brushed (by the non-allergic owner) and is up to date with flea treatment and has it's own skin looked after can help. As can wiping the cat down daily with a wet towel and installing HEPA filters in the home. We do have some other strategies for suffers of pet allergies here https://www.lovethatpet.com/dogs/getting-started/dog-ownership-for-allergy-sufferers/

Dr Eloise Bright
Love That Pet

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