Sammi's Adventures Day 3

November 14, 2017


I arrived at 7:45 and we had our morning meeting and then got started. Today I got to start on repltiles. I started by chopping up some fruit and vegetables really small to be put in with the blue tongues and the bearded dragons. I then counted all the blue tongues and dragons to make sure they were all there and okay. I also checked on the long neck turtles and the saw-shell turtles. They are all then given some meal worms. I cleaned out the turtle tank in the office and checked on the short necked turtles and the water dragons. I then helped out one of the other volunteers poop scooping the donkey yard.Today we ate lunch down in the picnic area near the big cats and got to watch them while we ate lunch, it was amazing. After lunch I fed all the bugs and then did the afternoon check of all the reptiles. I left at 5:00 pm. Today was good I was happy I got to do some stuff with the reptiles. 


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