Sammi's Adventure's Day 5

December 14, 2017



Day 5 at Zambi,

I arrived at 7:45 we had our morning meeting and then started. Today I started off by doing the morning farmyard checks then I started preparing all the fruit and veggies for the birds. There are a lot of birds at Zambi so I was shown which birds get which food and what each species likes to eat. There are Lorikeets, Galahs, Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, Red Tailed Black Cockatoos, a Major Mitchell, Sun Conures, Finches, Budgies, Macaws, Eclectuses and African Grey Parrots. I helped one of the other volunteers clean out the eclectuses, galahs and the major Mitchell. We then gave them all fresh branches and parts of trees to play with. I got to help walk the dingoes today which was pretty amazing. We offered some of the big cats some enrichment on the form of a paper mache cow that they had a lot of fun ripping apart. I then did the afternoon farmyard check and was then shown how to do the afternoon bird check.



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